Caroline Bay Marina Pushes Towards Completion Spring 2017

On February 2, 2017,  the utilities infrastructure for the resort and marina were completed and the electricity was turned on at the full site for the first time since the US Navy left the former US Naval Operations Base in 1995.  Prior to the switch being turned on last week, the entire development site was being powered by multiple generators located across the development site. This was a major accomplishment as the Morgans Point Peninsular, on which the Caroline Bay complex is being built. The expansive development project stretches for over a mile.

Photos show the Marina development project and workmen pulling wires through the main dock in preparation for the pedestals which allow marina clients to connect to fresh water and electricity.  Of course, the power-on event is significant as far as the marina is concerned.   While there still work to do on the dock installation, three of the 4 main docks are in place and will soon have the wiring ready for installation of the pedestals in time for our first yachts expect in late April. 


The building contractors have pulled out all the stops in the development of the marina building which will house the Bermuda Customs and Immigration clearance officers, the Marina manager, showers and rest rooms for visitors on smaller yachts and possibly a small retail facility. As is the case with all of Bermuda, Caroline Bay is working at full speed to ensure that everything is ready for the island’s largest international event in our history, AC35.

“I am thrilled with the progress and the response we have received from the international yachting community.  This is a major investment in the development of Bermuda’s superyacht berth inventory as we look forward to hosting vessels up to 300 ft in length at our new marina”, says Marina CEO Ralph Richardson who also states, “we still have space available for yachts over 100ft and some still available for smaller vessels".  

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