Let There Be Light- Marina Fully Powered

The lights have been turned on at Caroline Bay as the redevelopment of Morgan’s Point barrels forward.

A utility trench, stretching a mile from the Southampton Railway Trail to the tip of the peninsula, has been completed, bringing power to the site, including the Artemis Racing base.

The instillation will provide electricity for the first phase of development, which includes 149 residences and a 79-room hotel, along with the marina, which will in turn provide power to visiting yachts.

A spokeswoman for the developers said: “What this means is that this project that is so vital to Bermuda is well under way and the Caroline Bay Marina will have sufficient power to accommodate our visiting superyachts to provide them with the services and amenities they expect from a five-star island like Bermuda.”

Story Credits @Royalgazette 



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